Intern Profile: Kelly Huang

SFUSD Summer Fellow at the

Chamber of Commerce, 2018


Senior, Abraham Lincoln High School, SFUSD

The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce’s history of supporting high school interns dates back to the 1990s. For the past two years, the Chamber has partnered with San Francisco Unified to find and host students from the district’s Career and Technical Education program. Students eligible for these summer fellowships are entering their last year of high school and have taken two years of coursework for specific career paths.  

Kelly Huang was one of the summer fellows that the Chamber hosted in 2018. Kelly is a senior at Abraham Lincoln High School in the Sunset. She joined Lincoln’s Digital Media Design Pathway as a sophomore, having taken two years of coursework related to digital design work before her fellowship.

This made Kelly a great fit for the Chamber’s communications team, which was looking for help posting on social media, preparing the weekly Chamber newsletter, and organizing the Chamber’s digital assets 

Kelly sat down for an interview with the Chamber team to talk about her internship experience. Her answers to our questions follow.  

What were you able to accomplish during the six weeks of your internship at the Chamber?   I organized the Chamber’s digital photo library to make it easier to find photos for all the Chamber’s communications. I prepared and sent posts on social media and also went around the city to take photos to add to the Chamber’s digital library. Finally, I was able to prepare a couple of the weekly Chamber newsletters.   What skills did you bring into the fellowship that enabled you to succeed?  I had taken classes on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop as part of the Digital Media Design Pathway at Lincoln and had worked a lot with digital image files. I also enjoy organizing things.   What were the most important lessons you learned during the fellowship  On a technical level, I learned how to use SharePoint, Constant Contact, and WordPress (a service for publishing blogs).  As for more general skills, my supervisor encouraged me to contribute more to conversations in the office. I have taken this into my senior year, as I have challenged myself to answer questions and contribute more during class.   I also became much better at time management from having to manage my own workload and time during the internshipThis is something I’ve been able to apply throughout my senior year, especially when preparing my college applications.   Finally, I learned the valuable communication skill of code-switching as I had to quickly transition from conversations with friends to having to communicate professionally with Chamber staff.  

My supervisor encouraged me to contribute more to conversations in the office… I have challenged myself to answer questions and contribute more during class.

What aspect of the job most surprised you?  I had always thought of journalism as boring, so I didn’t think I’d enjoy preparing the newsletter, but I actually really enjoyed that task. Getting everything to fit neatly into the newsletter was in some sense an organizing puzzle.   On the negative side, I didn’t realize how much time people in office jobs spend sitting. I felt like I didn’t get much exercise.    What was the highlight of the fellowship  Going to the top of Mt. Davidson to take pictures for social media was definitely my most memorable assignment  You’re about to graduate from high school. What are your plans?  am going to San Jose State this fall and plan to major in Computer ScienceBefore I start college, I plan to do another internship this summer and take an online course in Python (a programming language) from City College of San Francisco  *** The Chamber is pleased to have played a part in Kelly’s career progression and hopes to see her back working in San Francisco – and perhaps on the Chamber board someday.