Intern Profile: Anthony Tran

SFUSD Summer Fellow at the

Chamber of Commerce, 2019


Senior, Balboa High School, SFUSD

The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce’s history of supporting high school interns dates back to the 1990s. For the past two years, the Chamber has partnered with San Francisco Unified to find and host students from the district’s Career and Technical Education program.

Students eligible for these summer fellowships are entering their last year of high school and have taken two years of coursework for specific career paths.  

Anthony Tran is one of the summer fellows that the Chamber hosts in 2019. Anthony is a senior at Balboa High School in the Excelsior, and he graduates in 2020. He joined Balboa’s CAST pathway, or Creative Arts for Social Transformation as a junior, having taken one year of coursework related to digital design work before his fellowship.

In addition to this, he is currently a member of the SFUSD Student Advisory Council (SAC), where he is committed to providing a voice for the students of Balboa High School and focuses on policy development at SFUSD. As a member of SAC, Anthony worked alongside the Board of Education to advocate for the renewal for RevolutionFoods. He also wrote the Our Healing in Our Hands Resolution, which provides mental health services throughout the district.