STEM Talent Pathway 

UniteSF serves as Backbone

The STEM Talent Pathway is a collective impact initiative comprised of members from businesses, institutions of higher education, SFUSD, and the City and County of San Francisco, to create the conditions that will allow the diverse SFUSD student and TAY populations to graduate from high school, attain a postsecondary credential, and have the option to work, live, and lead in the city. Members of the collective impact initiative will establish roles and goals for each stakeholder group to support improved outcomes along a youth’s education to employment journey. The collaborative will utilize Linked In and Beyond 12 to gather data on young people’s progress, for the first time shedding light on this critical time period in a youth’s life. This will allow all collaborative members to gain a clear line of sight into the long-term outcomes of their investments and enable the ability to fine tune the program’s design to better support youth based on their demonstrated needs.

health photos groupMembers of the business community are committed to work in sync with SFUSD, institutions of higher education and city leaders to track and prepare students as they journey through their postsecondary pathway. The Chamber will coordinate with businesses to offer various opportunities for students to experience careers in San Francisco and therefore nurture the next generation of local talent for their companies. Each year at the annual Chamber breakfast, qualitative and quantitative data will be presented to the business community to demonstrate successes, challenges, and investments to ensure that businesses are transparently and collectively supporting these students with internships, workforce experiences and ultimately, employment.

The STEM Talent Pathway Initiative is led by Hydra Mendoza, Senior Advisor to Mayor Lee, Laura Moran, Chief of Strategy and Fund Development, and Nicole Isaac, LinkediN. The collaborative is made up of City and County departments, institutions of higher education, SFUSD and businesses, including:3d printing girls

  • Office of the Mayor
  • Office of Economic and Workforce Development
  • San Francisco United School District
  • University of San Francisco
  • City College
  • San Francisco State Univeristy
  • Bayer
  • Pinterest
  • California Life Sciences
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Salesforce
  • Zynga
  • LinkedIn
  • Genentech

My Brother & Sister’s Keeper African American Postsecondary Pathways Program

UniteSF serves as a member of the collaborative

In response to President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper challenge to cities to develop a “cradle-to-career” strategy for young people of color, the African American Postsecondary Pathway brings together city, education, business, and non-profit leadership to take collective responsibility for improving the life outcomes of African American students in San Francisco.  

While San Francisco’s economy has prospered in recent years, the growth has not benefitted all communities equally. As the cost of living soars, San Francisco’s African American population has dramatically declined. And despite the proliferation of well-paying tech sector jobs, African Americans make up 2% of San Francisco’s tech workforce. Simply put, many young African Americans are not earning a livable wage in San Francisco and thus cannot afford to live in the city they call home.

The African American Postsecondary Pathway is committed to changing this. The collaboration features a broad-based partnership team, led by the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD), that is developing new services and strategies to prepare African American students in public schools to successfully enter the workforce and be a part of the City’s prosperity.

Their cradle-to-career plan will provide targeted and coordinated support throughout each student’s educational journey, culminating in meaningful career opportunities. In its first year, partners have focused on the 234 African American students in the SFUSD Class of 2015, to ensure each student receives individualized academic support and advising, and benefits from workforce exposure and mentorship. Recognizing that education doesn’t end with a high school diploma, the African American Postsecondary Pathway will continue to work with alumni students and monitor their progress through the age of 25, consistent with Arnold Chandler’s Life Course Framework.

The African American Postsecondary Pathway Project is led by Landon Dickey, Special Assistant for African American Achievement & Leadership at SFUSD. The collaborative is made up of City and County departments, business, and philanthropic and community based organizations, including:

  • The San Francisco Unified School District
  • The San Francisco Mayor’s Office
  • The San Francisco Foundation
  • The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
  • Beyond 12
  • LinkedIn
  • United Way of the Bay Area
  • 100% College Prep
  • Alive & Free/Omega Boys Club
  • Bayview YMCA
  • College Track
  • Maisin Scholar Award
  • Mo’MAGIC
  • PACT
  • San Francisco Alliance of Black School Educators
  • SEO Scholars
  • SF Achievers
  • Young Community Developers
  • City College of San Francisco
  • San Francisco State University

Learn about the national initiative here:

Golden Gate STEM Alliance

UniteSF serves as a community partner

In 2012, four organizations came together to launch the Golden Gate STEM Alliance: The California STEM Learning Network (CSLNet), the Bay Area Council, WestEd, and San Francisco State University.  These organizations provide the initial spark but intend that the Alliance become a large and diverse group of stakeholder leaders who work together to share their wisdom, time and resources toward the goal of all our students being STEM prepared and inspired, and college and career ready.

The Golden Gate STEM Alliance is aligned with UniteSF’s Stem Talent Pathway and is building a regional network to strengthen the Bay Area’s leadership in STEM education.  We are bringing together an extraordinary coalition of higher-education, K-12, preschool, museums and science centers, non-profits, businesses, funders, and others to leverage our STEM assets and align our efforts to innovate, scale and sustain effective STEM teaching and learning through collaboration.

The Golden Gate STEM Alliance is affiliated with the statewide CSLNet which allows our region to benefit from regular communications and alignment with other regional STEM networks across the state and the nation. The affiliation also allows us to leverage resources and investments generated by others, and to have a collective voice on state and federal STEM policy issues.

In year 1, the Golden Gate STEM Alliance is focused on early childhood learning in mathematics.