A Bold Commitment to Education and Workforce in San Francisco

In November 2018, UniteSF published its inaugural Report and Education Resource Guide, the first all-in-one guide to San Francisco’s major educational institutions curated to meet the business community’s needs.

Click the image below to view and download the Report and Education Resource Guide.

UniteSF Purpose and Goals:

Who are we?
UniteSF is the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s program that promotes collaborative education reform efforts, fosters business-education partnerships, expands college access, and provides workforce development opportunities for youth.

What are our goals?
Our ultimate goal is to increase the number of local youth who join and contribute to the innovation economy in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

We measure and share the success of San Francisco Unified, South San Francisco Unified, and SF college students as they pursue their education and career pathways.

Our Metrics:

Value Proposition

UniteSF serves as an advocate, connector, and results tracker to support education and business leaders that want to multiply the impact of current and emerging investments in the universal goals of UniteSF. Value to the business community includes:

  • Participation in cross-sector partnerships with top leaders in education, civic and business sector that are demonstrating progress in building stronger and systemic pathways for SF youth from education to careers.
  • Opportunity to share and learn about successful business investments in education and workforce.
  • Access to informative data and reports on the progress toward the three goals with recommendations for policies, investments and innovations that will accelerate results.