A bold commitment to Education in San Francisco
On March 4, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee announced the formation of UniteSF. UniteSF is not a program. It is a convening entity designed to bring together a wide array of constituencies interested in a collaborated change in San Francisco’s approach to student’s preparation for college and the 21st century global economy and workplace.
Partners to UniteSF make a public commitment to three common education goals:
1.   A high school graduation rate of 100%
2.   Upon graduation, every student is prepared for college or skilled vocational programs, and has the access and support to achieve higher education.
3.   All students have pathways to sustainable jobs and careers.
The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce Foundation will function as the backbone convening entity of UniteSF ensuring that coordination is managed, identifying and tracking the metrics for each of the three goals, and most importantly, serving as the main point of contact for engaging the business community. Through UniteSF, partners will be able to connect to various workforce development and education opportunities.